September 14, 2020

What you should select for your home? Area Rug Vs Floor Mat

Everyone of us likes to look nice and attractive whenever we step outside so that we are presented to others. People usually look at us and our personality based on what we wear, what kind of things we wear and how we look. Similarly, the color, appearance and other elements of our room reveal a lot about our personality.

Hence when it comes to decorating your place, you must select every aspect of decoration in the best possible manner. When you think of decorating your home, there are many factors that contribute to the beautification of your room, like the furniture, color of walls, paintings, artwork, etc.

A well designed area rug when placed in your room, it will give every element of the room an attractive look together and the floor mat will ensure the safety and hygiene of your space.

With a variety of practical uses and properties, let’s take a look at which one fits perfectly for your need between the rug and floor mats.

Area Rug vs Floor Mat

Apart from its basic use as a floor cover, we cannot compare between area rugs and floor mats. As they both have their own style and different purposes, let us see how they are different from each other and which are suitable for your living space.



We understand how difficult it is to wait for your rug to arrive after placing an online order to buy contemporary Rugs. And once it arrives, how do you stimulate it on your floor to feel the extra soft layer under your feet. Installing a beautiful indoor rug does not require you any special skills, because all you have to do is unpack it and unroll it on your floor. When you plan to shift to a new place, you can take your rug along and do not need to shred your pocket to buy a new rug.


Most rugs are prepared using natural products and do not contain any volatile compounds. The fibers of wool rugs have a high moisture content, so it does not readily raise flame and is more likely to extinguish itself in the event of a fire. Dust and dirt settle into the fibers of the rug, leaving no trace on the surface, allowing you to get fresh air every time.

The only risk associated with Rugs is the slipping over its edges. Otherwise, Rugs are all safe to use. Most Rugs are prepared using natural products and do not contain any volatile compounds. The fibers of Wool Rugs have high moisture content so it does not carry flame easily and is more likely to extinguish itself in case of fire. The dust and dirt are settled down in the fibers of the Rug leaving no traces on the surface allowing you to breathe fresh air every time.

Rug Safety

That one thing which makes Floor Mats famous all around is the safety that it provides.  All the Floor Mats, no matter what it is used for and no matter where it is placed it will always provide you with a safe flooring to walk or stand upon. Anti-Slip mats prevent slipping on the wet floor and Runner Mats offers a safe walkway to walk in wet conditions. Your Bathroom Mats have a special anti-slip base that prevents slipping and Yoga Mats helps you to maintain the posture of the body and avoiding injuries while doing exercise. The doormats help to get rid of the dirt of your shoes before entering the room.


From Contemporary Rugs to Luxury Rugs, Moroccan Rugs, Print Rugs, Shaggy Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Traditional Rugs, you have lots of options to choose a perfect Indoor Area Rug for your room. You can easily experiment with the color scheme of your room by placing different colored rugs and by swapping Rugs between two rooms. You can also decorate your wall with a beautiful designer Rug.

Mats, on the other hand, do not have many design options. Doormats come in different colors with a different slogan or welcome message printed on it. Yoga Mats comes in uniform size but few options of color while Bathroom Mats have a specific shape and come with color options. Since Mats are specific to a purpose, the look does not matter.

Rug Maintenance


Rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Natural Products used in the manufacturing of Rugs, absorb the dust and avoid settling on the surface. You can get rid of this dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner or you can simply jerk it off outside your home.  Spillage and Stains can be removed with the help of advisable agents. You can pick your Rug, wash it properly, and place it back after drying. You do not need any special method or expert advice for the maintenance of your rug. Washing Rugs does not deteriorate its quality and water can be wiped off easily.

Mats are used specifically for a purpose. Different Mats have different applications and the durability of the Mat depends on the purpose for which it is being used. Doormats are used at the entrance of the home and it helps to keep the room clean by keeping the dirt of the shoes away. Hence doormats do not require frequent cleaning. They are majorly replaced with a new one. Bathroom Mat is placed in the bathroom and is always in contact with water and does not require any specific maintenance or cleaning. The same goes for Yoga Mat. Yoga Mat does not have any maintenance requirements and can be used for years.

Considering all the points mentioned above, comparing Rugs and Mats gives us the conclusion that both have different uses. We cannot simply compare them and decide which one to choose since both are quite different from each other. If you are planning to buy a Rug for yourself, visit our online store to buy rugs online: www.matthebasics.com. To buy the best quality Rugs online with different color and size options, you can select our online catalog of the latest designs of Rugs.

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