What Rugs Are in Style Now
December 18, 2020

Rugs Are in Style Now

No one can realize that a simple rug or carpet can spice up their life until the discovery of a magnificent piece. It is no doubt that finding a carpet that not only fits your room but also matches your vibes and the texture you prefer is a time-consuming process. Therefore, this article will provide you in-depth knowledge about what type of rugs are in style these days.

The latest trends you should get your hands on are:


1. Natural fibers Rugs

These types of rugs are generally made from silk, wool, or ecofriendly materials such as jute and sisal. It is no doubt that natural fiber rugs are classic in their world, and their manufacturers are also taking it to the next level. Their light and pastel color dyed rugs are quite popular these days.

Rugs Are in Style Now - Mat The Basics usa


2. Handmade rugs- Handmade rug carpet manufacturers

are always in demand for their comfortable and luxurious rugs. They provide a sense of satisfaction and bring a personal, heartfelt touch in the homes. Owing to the excess stock of machine-made rugs, people are going for beautiful handwoven ones. Although they are pretty expensive, they are worth the money and effort. Furthermore, artists are also pushing their limits to weave impeccable and complex designs for buyers.


Rugs Are in Style Now - Mat The Basics usa

3. Neutral tones

Although many rug designers prefer to go overboard with dark colors and patterns, neutral and earthy tones will forever remain as a trend. They offer a calm, soothing, welcoming effect to the eyes and go pretty well with dark walls.

Rugs Are in Style Now - Mat The Basics usa

4. Dhurrie rugs

They are thick woven rugs initially used in India, Pakistan, and in some regions of Afghanistan. Their weaving style is different from standard woven rugs as they incorporate year old techniques and experience. They are made from natural fibers with a pleasant and luxurious feel.

Why should you purchase rugs?

Small details such as adding a carpet, some wall décor, and plants are an effortless way to transform your room. Apart from numerous practical benefits such as providing warmth and keeping your feet away from dirt, they are also used for brightening up the room and sparing you from regular cleaning chores.

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