June 9, 2021

Interior Designer Trade Programs & Benefits | Mat The Basics

MAT The Basics is an artist-driven company, which refuses to compromise on its production quality. Since its inception eight decades back, MAT The Basics has set new standards in contemporary designs, often treating rug as fashion, and staying ahead of its peers. Being an artist-driven company, they understand the requirements of an interior designer perfectly. They treat each piece of our rug as a part of home décor and furnishings. Let’s look at some of the benefits of working with the Interior Designer Trade Program by MAT The Basics.

In-house Production

MAT The Basics are manufacturers and creators. Their in-house production provides stringent quality control. From the selection of raw material to the final rug finishing and packing, everything happens under the watchful eyes with a multi-step check. There are no shortcuts in rug production at MAT. An interior designer needs not to worry about the production but only needs to look for the best design as per the project, which brings us to their specialty, Rug Designs.


Rug Designs for Contemporary Lifestyle

MAT is among the pioneers of Scandinavian design rugs and continues to innovate with contemporary, and European rugs, while adding a modern twist to the traditional design forms of Moroccan designs, and handcrafting truly antique rugs. In the end, the designers with MAT Trade Account have access to countless designs of different genres, catering to a variety of décor styles and portfolios.

Customized Rug Designs for Superior Fit

While most of the B2B companies sell only standard rug sizes, MAT offers customization in size, color, material, and design. Their in-house designers and production unit help in customizing every detail as per the client specification. Even the pattern scaling can be changed, and new patterns can be turned into rugs on the client specification.


Discount Pricing: Truly B2B Pricing

MAT is a B2B company that offers B2B pricing, even in its Trade Program. If anyone can find a rug of a similar design at a lower price, rest assured that the quality has gone for a toss. They are competitive about their pricing but do not compromise on the quality – making sure that the customer receives the best of both worlds.


Handmade and Handcrafted Rugs

Despite the emergence of technology, there’s no alternative to a quality handmade rug. At MAT, they work entirely with handmade rugs, putting the emphasis back on quality. Hand-weaving, hand-knotting, hand-tufting, and handloom production are all carried out by their weavers and artisans, all following stern quality guidelines and directions.

Eco-friendly Production and 100% PET Yarn

MAT was among the first companies to embrace eco-friendly production and is a certified ISO 14001 company. MAT’s investment into 100% PET Yarn has also been a pioneering effort in the industry, completing its commitment to the mother earth.


Interior Designers work tirelessly to produce distinct contemporary décor in every project of theirs. MAT offers them with Interior Designer Trade Partnership Program, which is bundled with added benefits. MAT offers its large repository of customizable designs, with fine handmade production quality,  b2b pricing, adherence to environment-friendly production guidelines.

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