September 11, 2020

How To Choose the Perfect Rugs For Kids Spaces

The toughest task for an architect, a home furnishing expert, or an interior designer is to do the décor for a kid’s room. Often, in the hassle of adding elements to make room for bright and sprightly elements, the mistake is to forget an important element – an area rug.

Rugs can be a kid’s playground, they can be a safety mat for your kid and it is a stylish piece of art. Reading, playing, gymnastics, kid-wrestling, etc, your kids are too busy throughout the day. Hence, it’s important to have a safe, nice, non-toxic, easy to clean, and durable rug for your kids.

We place rugs on our flooring for the safety of our kids. Rugs not only provide them a specific playing area but also adds to the charm of the room. They provide a safe and warm playing environment.

You don’t want to compromise with your kid’s safety, so it is very essential to keep a few things in mind. What are they made up of? Does it have any harmful compounds? Many rug manufacturing processes include the use of Volatile Organic Compounds which can later emit harmful gases causing breathing problems and allergies. Toddlers and kids will roll on the rugs and can pick the dropped-off food to eat again. This can let the harmful compounds enter your kid’s body. 

Let’s talk about some creative and organically manufactured rugs which can be your ideal choice for a  kid’s room

Sports Rugs for Kids:

If the kids are sports lovers, then you should encourage them with a customized rectangle sports pitch rug. Sports rugs can be ordered in various sizes according to the size of the small player’s room. Based on the preferences, round-shaped sports rugs can also be designed in different sizes. Sports rugs are protected with a rubber backing so that there’s nothing to worry about a child sliding around. The thickness of sports carpets is sufficient so that they do not hurt when falling.

  • Soft to touch
  • Easy to clean
  • Very comfortable
  • Appealing

Natural Rugs for Kids:

Natural Rugs are inspired by various natural objects like flowers, clouds, stars, etc. Flowers or cloud rugs can be a beautiful addition to a little girl’s room. These Rugs have calm and soothing colors to enhance the look of the angel’s room. Floral Rugs features a beautiful floral pattern and cloud rugs feature a soothing color combination that can add depth and comfortable warmth to a kid’s room. Thanks to their solid construction these rugs maintain the quality even after rough use.

  • Inspiring Pattern
  • Soft to touch
  • Vacuum Friendly

Cartoon Rugs for Kids:

How about integrating the kid’s favorite cartoon character into their room? Cartoon Rugs are appealing for babies and kids of any gender. With the choice of various cartoon characters, you can choose the kid’s favorite cartoon to match their room décor. With a thin pile, these rugs are soft enough for the kids to crawl and roll without getting injured. These 100 % washable rugs are ideal for keeping things clean.

  • Favorite Cartoon Character
  • Washable in Machine
  • Thin Pile

Map Rugs for Kids:

Get a kid’s imagination on a roll with Map Rugs for Kids. Map Rugs are available with different types of maps. They have a map of the entire town printed on it or a map of an amusement park. To grab a kid’s attention, these map rugs are marked with a zoo, airport, park, streets, etc so that the kids can drive their toy cars on the roads of the map and visit various places. Map Rugs are available in various sizes for kids of different ages to play with. The colors used are bright enough to make it attractive and live so that older children also don’t hesitate to play on it and the rug doesn’t age out too soon.

  • Enhances kid’s imagination.
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple Sizes

Learning Rugs for Kids

If you want the kids to utilize their playtime while making them learn something new, you can select learning rugs for the kids’ room. These learning rugs can be a great addition to a child’s play area. The usage of bright colors and large fonts is enough to attract the kids. With the help of these Rugs, kids can learn to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Ideal to enhance a kid’s learning ability while playing, these multi-colored rugs can match any setup of bedroom decor.

  • Better recognition of Shapes, letters, colors, etc
  • Good to develop imaginative skills
  • Easy to wash

Animal Rugs for Kids:

Elephant, Tiger, Panda or whale, are just a few animals that are available with Animal Rugs for Kids. The colorful patterns of different animals on rugs are suitable for all age groups. These animal rugs are soft and comfortable and easy to roll up when not in use. Your kid can learn about animals and develop an additional area of knowledge with these animal rugs.

  • Cute Designs
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Different Animals

Colorful Rugs for Kids:

Made with 100% Wool, these ultra-soft and attractive rugs with different patterns and multi-color options give an adorable look to your kid’s room. Kids love rolling on a soft surface and since it is made from 100% wool it is safe for your kid’s little hands and knees. The colorful pattern is selected in such a way that your kids will like it even when they grow older.

  • Ultra Soft
  • 100% Wool
  • Attractive Designs

Most of these rugs are produced regularly because they are open to a kid’s imagination and unique to every child. Our Bespoke Service allows for custom rugs to be produced in unlimited design, color, size, shape, style, material, and weave. Connect with us to find the perfect custom rugs to complete the décor of a kid’s room perfectly.

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