What is the difference between area rugs and vintage rugs
December 29, 2020

What is the difference between area rugs and vintage rugs?

A rug is like a carpet, basically thick in nature that is put on a floor. One such type of rug is an area rug that is generally placed in a smaller area. It is like a carpet that is quite smaller than the dimension of the room. It is easy to carry from one place to another and it must be chosen according to the area it is needed to be placed to that is it convenient to the place and matches the area. Like if it is placed under the chair or some furniture or room then it must suit the shape of that particular thing.

Area rugs are decided as per the area and shape is chosen accordingly like for round furniture round rugs are preferred and for rooms, long narrow rugs are preferred and so on. Area rugs create a cozy space for you and are also adds to the beauty of the space where it is placed.

Vintage Rugs:

Vintage rugs are generally those attractive rugs that are woven or used in the late ’70s by people to enhance the look of their area. These rugs are now used again with modern furniture’s and rooms because it increases the look of the area. Vintage rugs are also antique rugs because they are used for a long time and are popular even now. These rugs are generally cream or brown in shade and they give life to an area with its authentic looks and features.

Vintage rugs are old and classy those are popular even now and will always be in the craze to increase the beauty.

Difference Between Area Rugs and Vintage Rugs:

  • The area rug is basically a rug that is designed to fill or fit into a larger area of any room.

           A vintage rug is a woven rug used since the 1970s to fit in any required space.


  • An area rug is used for comfort and to make a cozy environment in a room or any area.

          A vintage rug adds to the beauty of an area and is used to enhance the look of the area where it is used.


  • Area rugs can be on any color be it blue, pink, brown, or any color that matches the area where it is to be placed.

          Vintage rugs are generally of light shady brown or cream colors that look subtle and elegant.


  • The best materials for area rug are silk, cotton, wool, sisal, synthetics, and more that are durable and provides comfort.

          The best material for a vintage rug is jute that is handwoven or hands woven embroidery or design that is used in the rug.


  • Area rugs don’t have anything attached to their ends.

Vintage rugs have frills or tassels attached to its ends to add to its beauty.


Both vintage and area rugs are equally preferred as per the priority and need and both have their own uniqueness that defines them and makes them different from each other.

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