Area Rug Style 2020
October 30, 2020

Area Rug Style 2020

Style is the element that determines the beauty of the rug or how appealing it would be. Besides modern and traditional styles, the residential rugs have many other different styles that have picked up their position in the latest trends.

Bohemian Style

These styles are great to choose for interior designs and are rich in the arts. The main feature of these styled rugs is that they’re vibrantly colored. The tribal art patterns can be overdyed in various colors. It looks like a less traditional variety of Persian style but still different from each other.

matthebasics bohemian style

Moroccan Style

These rugs are exactly the opposite of Bohemian rugs. Instead of Rich colors, complementary colors are used (usually different shades of black in white background) to elevate the trendy look.

Kilim Style

Kilim preserves the antique pattern in the rugs. These rugs are hand-woven without any piles making it lightweight and possessing simple designs with rich colors.

matthebasics kilim style
matthebasics vintage style

Vintage style

As the name denotes, these rugs are going to give a nostalgic feeling to your floor. These semi-antique style rugs are best and can be used as a bedroom rug or living room rug.

Ikat Style

An Ikat style comes under transitional rugs (both traditional and modern) and looks classy. Nature-inspired patterns can be observed and come in a variety of dyed colors.

matthebasics-lkat style

Shag Style

Shag styled rugs are super soft to touch and are usually made using wool or cotton. These styled rugs have longer pile length, loose textured feel, and can fit into any spaces of the room.

Layered Style

More than a style, it is an arrangement of two different rugs. These styles have highly caught up the trend and are much popular. Usually, cowhide rugs are used to layer over another styled rug. You can use a layered Rug style in your large room space to define it with a unique style.

matthebasics layered style
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