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We continue our efforts to promote the social and economic health of the people involved in the rug manufacturing process. The Ansari family work actively to improve the weaver's standard of living and to reinforce women's right to work, not only in production but all levels of the company. As of 2008, we are certified in accordance with SA8000 social accountability system. We are committed to providing our workers with the best possible working environment. 

"The weavers are true artist and hey are entitled to be respected for their creative and hard work" says MAT CEO Shakeel Ansari who is actively involved in ensuring fair compensation and  improving their standard of living.

All MAT Rugs carry the "Care and Fair" label, ensuring all rugs are independently certified as child-labour-free rugs. The fees MAT pay to the part of care and fair and its certification program, ensure that random surprise inspections can take place on our weaving centre and also assist the rehabilitation and education for former child weaves.