E-commerce Rug Company Trade Program & Benefits | Mat The Basics

Mat The Basics follows a tradition of innovation and going forward with the industry. They understand that e-commerce is the biggest disruptor in the industry …

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Interior Designer Trade Programs & Benefits | Mat The Basics

MAT The Basics is an artist-driven company, which refuses to compromise on its production quality. Since its inception eight decades back, MAT The Basics has …

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Affordable Custom Made Rugs Just For You | Mat The Basics

Discount Pricing Custom Carpets and Rugs Every in the industry knows the market demands a custom rug experience. The contemporary architecture and interior décor are …

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How to Buy New Carpets at Wholesale Prices?

Carpets are a must if you’re looking to ram up the place. If you are looking to buy new carpets at wholesale prices, you’ve come …

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Layering Rugs Home Decor Trend 2021

Rugs symbolize coziness and warmth while using them for decoration was never thought before this trend arrived. The trend of decorating interiors with rugs blows …

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Are vintage rugs in style in 2021?

In the world of Décor, you consider the size of the better place you achieve. Aesthetic appeal to the beauty of a lavish rug can …

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Hand-knotted Area Rugs for Wholesale in the USA

Rugs come under the category of Home décor, though they have acquired a category of their own. They are now an absolute must in every …

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Best Wholesale Hand-Tufted Rugs Style in 2021

Introduction: – A variety of fancy cardigans, carpets, and rugs are all available in the market. But, when it comes to decorating our homes’ interiors, …

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What is the difference between area rugs and vintage rugs?

A rug is like a carpet, that is used in an area instead of a full covering. It is like a carpet that is quite …

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How to Create Astonishing Scandinavian interior design

“Scandinavian Design” for the Interiors! Almost every millennial is going fanatic with this innovative idea. And you are the odd one out, who is still …

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Take a deeper look at our Revelation pillows with Mat the Basics

Home decoration can sound complicated sometimes, but believe us when we say that pillows can be one of the best head turners in a room. …

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How Home Décor Rugs Flaunt True-Beauty?

Every person dreams of a unique and alluring interior design filled as per their imagination. But often they drop the plan, just because they are …

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What Role Does Carpet Play in Your Home – Décor Guide by Mat The Basics?

Most of the people prefer that their home décor should exhibit their unique thought process. As home décor enthusiasts, you mostly think about how to …

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How to choose the best hotel rugs for your hospitality space?

What makes a hotel worth attracting are the service and the amiable environment that it provides at the very onset. Rugs do make your hotels …

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What Rugs Are in Style Now?

Rugs Are in Style Now No one can realize that a simple rug or carpet can spice up their life until the discovery of a …

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Perfect Wholesale Woven rugs trends in 2020, USA

Choosing perfect and trendy rugs for your home, office, or other decorating places is sometimes challenging when you do not know about it. Also, more …

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Are Natural Area Rugs Safe for Hardwood Flooring – Décor Guide by Mat The Basics?

Everyone gets fascinated by looking at the home décor all over the internet and their peers and gets excited when their own homes are to …

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Interior Design Guide for Area Rugs

Area Rugs Area rugs are quite trendy these days that adds charm to your interior. But these are often overlooked in the redesigning process. So, …

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Most Popular Area Rug Style 2020

Area Rug Style 2020 Style is the element that determines the beauty of the rug or how appealing it would be. Besides modern and traditional …

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What are Jute Rugs, and does your home need one?

Natural fiber rugs are picking up popularity and are a trend these days. The rug distributor would reveal a list of such fibers, including jute …

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Custom Printed Rugs Are the Future of Area Rugs

The empty-looking flooring can create dullness in your home and attracts a lot of dirt on your precious floor whenever someone goes in or out. …

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How to select the best material for area rug

To Select 7 Best Materials for Area Rugs Rug material determines the rug’s durability, softness, quality, and beauty. Rugs are produced using a variety of …

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Best Professional Office Décor Ideas to Give It a Charming Look

A comfortable atmosphere in your office can help the colleagues feel great while working and can also inspire your clients into a more positive and …

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Rug Manufacturing Guide

Three different methods in which a rug is manufactured The process of manufacturing rugs matters a lot as it decides the durability, comfort, look, quality, …

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5 Best Tips to choose a perfect area rug for your Bedroom: Décor Guide by Mat The Basics

Leaving a cozy bed in the morning and stepping out onto the floor is a real task. A bedroom area rug under the bed doesn’t …

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Choosing an Area Rug perfect for your Décor and Taste: Décor Guide by Mat The Basics

“People usually are the happiest at home.” This statement by Shakespeare holds a certain value in all our lives. There is nothing more relaxing than …

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How designers select a perfect Area Rug

Your home is the only place where you unwind yourself and rejuvenate your whole body after a long tiring day, and it feels great to …

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What you should select for your home? Area Rug Vs Floor Mat

Everyone of us likes to look nice and attractive whenever we step outside so that we are presented to others. People usually look at us …

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Rugs vs Carpets – Which one to choose?

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How To Choose the Perfect Rugs For Kids Spaces

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Choosing the Best Rug Size for Your Room: Décor Guide by Mat The Basics

Choosing a rug for your customer’s space is similar to buying a pair of shoes. No matter how well dressed up you are, or what …

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