Bespoke - Design Your Own Rug

Every space is different, and every person has a unique choice. Whether you are looking for a single piece Rug for your home or several Rugs for your office or other projects, you may want your Rug to be tailor-made specifically for your requirements and desire.

Our Bespoke services allow you to express your hidden art and find a place for it in your home or office. Choose from Pure Wool, Leather and Silk’s luxurious material, or Bamboo Silk, Linen and Viscose, style your floor with the hand-tufted, hand-knotted, hand woven flat weave or shaggy style rugs. We have always got your back when it comes to covering your floor with that extra-ordinary carpeting.

Our expert designers strive hard to bring your imagination to life and give their best to create your customized Rugs. From the Design’s selection to consulting the best color combination, our designers work with you on each step to ensure that you get the rug just right for you.

We also make extra-large and shaped rugs for the home, corporate or hospitality sector.

Our express service makes sure that your floor gets covered within few weeks of placing an order, and for that, we are always ready to discuss your design and ideas.

You can reach our team @Matthebasics or send us your request at info@matthebasics.com


Bring your vision to life!

Let our expert Design Team assist you in bringing your vision to fruition with our custom furniture and rug services. Alter size, color, scale to produce the perfect bespoke pieces for your next project.


Matthebasics Bespoke Consultation